Monday Feb 05, 2024

079: What I've Learnt From 6 Years in Business

This week, I am celebrating my 6 year business anniversary. 🎉

I want to share with you some aspects of business I’ve been reflecting on the past few months.

And share some actionable advice for you as you your own business as well.

You're going to hear about:

⏳ The on-going challenge of ‘time’ when you wish everything could be done by yesterday.

😓 Avoiding the feeling of being beholden to algorithms when it comes to marketing.

🚀 How to create and evolve your services if you want to grow and try new things.

🎢 Riding the rollercoaster of business and preserving your energy levels.

I love sharing these insights with you and I hope it really helps you to achieve your own business goals.

Cheers to many more years in business for us both 🥂


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Meet Helen: My goals in life were very simple: I wanted a house, a dog and the freedom to make my own decisions. The corporate world was not for me. Endless meetings, relying on other people to approve my progress, and sitting in commuter traffic left me feeling uninspired. By my early 20's I had achieved my goals, and had done it all on my own.

Starting my own businesses led to more freedom and happiness than I could have ever imagined. Now, after years of learning and discovering the route to an easy life, it's time for me to help you achieve your goals.

Whether you are new to business or looking to find more freedom and success in your current role, my Mastermind courses are where you will find all of the support, accountability and proven business techniques you need to flourish.

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